What Our Clients Say About Us

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From 1-1 to a Scalable Coaching Business

Communication Coach - Maria Nicholas

"It is a very complete and well rounded program to help you grow and scale.

"I highly recommend working with Gydion. it's worth all your investment and time, have fun with it!"

Launched a Hybrid Program

Peter Pozner

"So since I started working with him, I've launched a hybrid program for members of a UK organization based in London."

"[...}especially recommend him for teachers who want great support to grow their businesses from someone with integrity.

Scaling with Groups & New Business Machine

Language Writing Services - Philip Charter

"Working with Gydion has given me clarity about where I'm going with my business in the next few years."

2 New Groups of Clients in Under 12 weeks

Naomi Wright Berghanel

"I was pretty successful. I was able to start two groups. And it's really opened my eyes and helped me to see that there's still more out there in the market, and I'm looking forward to continuing with these systems because I know that it works."

New Clients & New Business Machine

Simms Eng Consultancy - Simon Fletcher

"In my opinion, Gydion stands apart from the crowd, and it's wise to engage with him before the masses do."

High-Ticket clients & New Programs

J-Connect - Janet Philips

"High recommend his program to anyone looking to automate everything around their business [...] His new tool is a gamechanger"

11 High-Ticket Clients in 20 days

Bigler's Coaching - Liz Bigler

"I really gained a lot from my time working with Gydion"

Common Results

✨Selling high-ticket for the first time (1000$+ per new client upfront)

New Acquisition channels for consistent growth

Scalable business model and stop swapping time for money

Launching group programs

Developing earning skills for life

Mindset breakthroughs result of being around driven coaches

Building Digital products

Unique Installable Software for Course creation, marketing and Sales

🎉High satisfaction with the level of support

Scaling with Groups and New Acquisition Channels

Express English Coaching - Nicola Pollock

"within a month got my first groups set up [...] really recommend Gydion if you are ready to scale"

Multiple clients in the first month

Language Matters - Claire Schneider

"in the short term, 6 new students [...] a funnel to develop over time with"

High-Ticket Clients & New Acquisition Channels

Health ESL - Kate Abarbanel

"He gave me a guarantee that I felt satisfied with [...] I saw return very early on. [...] at the end of the coaching period my program was delivering more value and I was charging a lot more money"

Business & Career Breakthrough

English Fluency For Women - Loretta Heuther

"I found Gydion and I'm so happy I did. [...] He's support, and his knowledge and his help is fantastic!"

Groups of Clients & New Products

Sandra Wood Coaching - Sandra Wood

"I was tired and exhausted of 1-1s [...] after 6-8 weeks I was able to launch my new courses [...] I works not on with English, but any language"

Groups of clients and new program

Bath City Language Coaching - Simon Green

"Reasonable price. Very easy to follow process [...] and he keeps adding to the course"

Groups of clients and New systems

English with ease - Claire Ellis

"I joined Gydion course for groups and that was excellent [...] Building a second and third group now"

9 New Clients in 6 Weeks

English On The Run - Audrey Smith

"I can't recommend Gydion enough [...] Gydion makes it easy [...] He's always there to make sure you get the best results possible"

Mindset & Life Breakthroughs

Zdenek Teacher- Zdenek Lukas

"He's a good guy, he knows his stuff [...] The most important thing for me is the mindset shift [...]"

Making Business Work

Learn London - Dan Caffarey

"I've been trying to do this on my own for over a year and half and it wasn't working [...] My only regret is that I didn't take the plunge earlier. He overdelivered on everything he promised me"


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