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Does it get any better than that?

July 26, 20231 min read

All of us language coaches and teachers have one thing in common: 

Something worth celebrating, in my view.

We are intensely attracted to diverse cultures and traveling. 

That's how we got started, I suppose—to pursue a certain lifestyle that enables more of that.

We talk all day with people of different backgrounds…

We live or have lived overseas. 

Many of us have multi-background families.

We are travelers by nature; traveling is part of our day-to-day lifestyle. 

Members in my program are spread over 7 continents, and most of them are not living in their home country. All of them are well-traveled. 

And when you take control of your time by working for yourself... 

And when you are able to earn more by working for yourself... 

Does it get any better?


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