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Attraction Is An Invisible Force

July 26, 20231 min read

Attraction is an invisible force.


NOT random.

Anyone can intensify their business magnetism with easy tweaks.

If you want to attract explosive income, wealth and status with your content,

There’s one question you must always ask yourself before hitting “SEND”.

The question is profound: ☝️"What's in it for me?"☝️

Put yourself in the shoes of an intensively selfish and time-constrained reader.

That’s all they hear all day long:

“take my freebie; join my webinar’ join my course, let’s meet up…”

While the intentions are good 🤞, and the content could be wonderful …

This is what that reader is thinking consciously or not:

“Why would I drop my plans to do that? How self-centered is that?... If it's not too much to ask...WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? "

Instead of attracting, the message is repelling.

The ‘what’s-in-it-for-me test’ is a way to reveal the value proposition.

That is the most important thing in your whole message.

You don’t need award-winning copy…

You don’t need pictures worthy of a glossy magazine cover…

You don’t need rainbows of likes and comments…

But you DO NEED a clear and compelling value proposition to start attracting.

In the spirit of attraction, I created a fun 7-Bullet Magnetic Copy Checklist for my clients.

That’s to ensure your messages is not missing the Magnetic Mark!

Comment with ‘magnetize’ and I’m happy to share it with you too.

No emails needed.

Can you relate? Or 'what's in it for me' is too much to ask?

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