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You Are Under Attack

July 26, 20231 min read

"I don't like sales and marketing. I'm like the Bob Dylan of teaching. I'm jolly to see my bank account growing, but do not disturb my genius mind with business talk."

If that’s you, skip this one. 🐇

This is  for us mortal friends striving to offer a fair and decent service in a world that is mostly good.

For us who embrace entrepreneurship as a way of life.

Seems like a beautiful Monday morning to share my two cents on:


— Feeling fatigued, burned out, overwhelmed, distracted, defeated... procrastinating?
— Afraid of investing in your business?

This is not a productivity post...

The issue is that... you are under attack!

I'd love you let me know if any of this resonates.

🌺 happy Monday!


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