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10 Eye-Opening Lessons

10 Eye-Opening Lessons

May 22, 20231 min read

10 eye-opening lessons I didn't know before getting launched into my entrepreneurial mission.

(Or maybe 10 things that are getting people wiped out when they fail to see them 😬)

1. The cynics are wrong. It’s ultra rewarding and meaningful indeed to be of service and have happy customers.

2. Competition is good for business. Competition/collaboration — same coin.

3. Align your interests with your clients' interests long term. It’s not a one-time transaction, but rather a lifelong partnership.

4. Feedback will be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy it or go home.

5. The best networks always win. It takes a team to climb the mountain.

6. The money thing is mindblowing - I mean, how differently people relate to it. (just a realization)

7. It’s rare to find someone comfortable with sales. What’s up with that? (another realization)

8. Some people are good at marketing…they tend to disappear fast when that’s all they got.

9. It’s not “Is this a good niche for me?”. It’s more like “Am I good for this niche?”

10. The value of small daily work compounds over time, thank God for this miracle.

These are the lessons coming to mind today.

Did I miss any other important lessons?

Did any of these surprise you?

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